Our Very Favorite Books: 9-12 Months

I can't believe it has been 3 months already! I also can't believe how freakishly obsessed my kid is with reading books. I am so grateful he is developing a love of reading because it was my favorite past time as a kid. With our world so full of screens today it gives me a little bit of hope that he might not miss out on the lost art of literature.

Here are some of the favorites in rotation for us these past 3 months:

Go the Fuck to Sleep

I love this book because it has an obvious lifespan on it. Right now it gives my husband + I a good laugh while Rocky enjoys the pictures. 

Vegetables in Underwear

Rocky is so drawn to the illustrations in this book. He reaches for it everyday. I think it will be a cute read when we're transitioning to potty training, but for now he just enjoys to cute pictures. 

Feminist Baby

You've probably seen Loryn Brantz's comics all over Buzzfeed (if not, be sure to check out her Instagram). This book is so sweet + the perfect introduction for parents looking to teach their kiddos about everyone being equal no matter your gender. 

Dear Zoo

Another daily read (actually read multiple times a day) for this babe. He loves lifting the flaps + helping me make the animal sounds. I catch him reading this one to himself all the time. 

If I Were a Hippo

We actually have multiple "If I Were a..." Jellycat board books. They are fun touch + feel books you can get at Amazon or Nordstrom. Rocky's favorites are the hippo + the bunny!

Will You Be My Sunshine

This book is so sweet. One of our favorite nighttime reads for sure. I'm a firm believer in starting them young with stories about family love. 

Pat the Bunny

An old classic, but such a good one. Rocky will read this book 5 times a day. He follows along perfectly + knows when to pat the bunny, when to smell the flowers, scratch daddy's face, etc. It's the best. 

My Very First Book of Colors

We're big Eric Carle fans around here — and while we love the classics like "Brown Bear, Brown Bear", this one has been Rocky's favorite these days. It's a neat book because it's also a matching game where you match the colors to the picture, so it will grow along with him as he continues to develop. 

Your Baby's First Word Will be Dada

This book by Jimmy Fallon is so cute. Rocky is super into learning animal noises right now + this book cracks me up. For the record, his first word was "mama" 😉

So there you have it! I am sure at the rate this kid is reading these roundup posts will just keep on comin'! 

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