For the Love of Baby Wearing

Baby wearing is simply the greatest, isn't it? I don't know what I would do without my stash of wraps, slings + soft shell carriers. I have one for almost every scenario because I've learned that my baby has very specific preferences of how he'd like to be worn in different situations (i.e. he'll only go in the Ergo in Target...weird, I know!). But my favorite, hands down, is the ring sling. 

One of my favorite thing about my ring slings is the ability to keep my babe close while still accomplishing everything I need to get done in the day. I especially love them for taking him along to meetings with clients or other fellow boss babes, like in the pictures below of my Social Studio Shop gals. After a little bit of close snuggles, that magic sleepy dust kicks in + Rocky is off to dreamland so mama can continue kicking ass and running a business. It is seriously my dream to be able to run my business without having to put my child in daycare. Babywearing makes that possible for us!

Rocky's moccassins: Freshly Picked
Rocky's pants: Rylee + Cru
Photos: Jessica Howell

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