28 Things I've Learned Before my 29th Birthday

Well, this is it. The last year of my 20's. I don't have a fear of getting older, I've always said mid-30's sounds perfect to me because that's the time in your life you supposedly have your shit figured out. Well, as I get closer I'm not so sure that's true, but I'm still happy nonetheless.

This year of my life has been the biggest upside down shift I've ever experienced. I became a mother, I launched a successful business, and I just overall shifted my entire life focus and daily process. So, in no particular order, here are a few things I've learned in this past of life. Some silly, some small, all of them influential in shaping me as the almost-30 year old mama I am.

1. Being a mom is hard. 

I'm really tired, you guys.

2. Being a mom is literally the greatest thing in the entire world.

I mean, who was I before Rocky came into the world? It was a tectonic shift where everything I thought I knew about myself was completely rearranged. 

3. There are different ways to fall in love.

I love my tall-drink-of-water husband with all my heart. When I met my son I fell in love again, but in a completely different way. All the cracks and missing pieces came together and I felt whole. We felt whole. 

4. Self-Care is so incredibly important

and I have been SLACKING. The first 6 months of Rocky's life have been one big couch session and I am feelin' it. I'm ready to get back to real life + get moving. 

5. Learning to see yourself the way others see you can be incredibly important for growth.

6. Compassion is never misplaced.

7. You should never have to justify your decisions to anyone

I don't have to explain my parenting decisions to you. I don't need to justify ending that friendship. If it feels right for you, do that. 

8. Older women are obsessed with babies

Oh my god the amount of random women in stores who get in my child's face is overwhelming. Anyone in my child's face is overwhelming, stranger or not. 

9. Mama Bear instincts are THE STRONGEST

Don't ever take my child + leave the room without my permission. It unleashes some kind of crazy beast I can't contain. No, I don't want your sick child touching my kid no matter how cute it is. No, sometimes I don't want to pass around my son so everyone can hold him. He's mine. 

10. Choose people in your life who only bring positivity

This is pretty self-explanatory. You don't have time for people who don't make your life better. 

11. Break up with friends who don't make you happy

My friend Rachael put this perfectly, "You can still love and want the best for them from afar". But get them out, immediately. 

12. Admitting mistakes and apologizing is a sign of strength, not weakness

13. Invest in good leggings.

Leggings ARE pants, I don't care what you say. 

14. Living life according to your personal values is way more rewarding that following a religion

I'm just trying to be a good person, not follow someone else's rulebook. 

15. Quality over Quantity is everything from your closet to your girlfriends

16. It's ok to feel like things are really hard right now.

17. Having a baby changes your relationship

You've added a new person into the mix, how could it not? I just wasn't prepared for how much. Some of it amazing, some of it takes work. 

18. The older you get, the more amazing your mom becomes

19. Whatever is healing for you, do that. 

20. Community over competition is the only way to run a business (+ a life!)

Life isn’t like a sporting event where one person winning means another has to lose. We're all doing amazing things.

21. The grey hairs keep on comin'.

22. I'm too old to shop at Forever 21.

Accept it. Embrace it. 

23. Politics turn even the most sane of humans (friends + family members included) into irrational, batshit crazy Facebook ranters.

And for the record, Trump is literally the worst. 

24. Minimalism is everything.

In your house, your closet, your life. Simple is just better. 

25. Focusing on yourself is not narcissism, it's self-care + it's essential for surviving. 

26. Bangs are cheaper than botox when you start getting forehead wrinkles.

27. Boundaries are healthy

And necessary. Establish them early on + stick to them. 

28. Time is a thief. Every moment is golden. 

I can say from experience in the past 7 months that life only speeds up as you get older. Throw a baby into the mix + it becomes lightening speed. Don't worry about getting unnecessary things done when you can hold your baby instead. Put down the phone (Instagram can wait) + turn off the TV and have a conversation with your husband. This was the best year of my life and some parts I feel I can hardly remember because they went by so quickly. 

My big focus this year was cultivating a life I enjoyed with my new position as a mother. This meant adjusting relationships -- adding new ones, removing some of the not so great ones, and fortifying those that were important to me. I found my tribe + I've never been happier or more fulfilled. I can't wait to see what beauty the last year of my 20's brings. 

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