7 More Must-Haves for Newborn Mamas

Ok, kiddo. Time is officially going by too fast. I can't believe our tiny human is two months old and let me tell you - the difference between the first month + the 2nd month is astounding. Our boy is smiling, laughing + cooing and is just so much more aware of his surroundings. It has truly been amazing to watch him awaken and take in the world around him.

So I decided to share a few more things that have been instrumental in our daily life with a newborn.

1. Natursutten Ortho Pacificer

I have to be honest, I am anti-pacifier. I was so worried the first month that they would interfere with breastfeeding that I kept them away from Rocky as much as possible. I must have set a precedent, because as it turns out, the kid doesn't like them anyways. Except for this one! It feels like a great compromise for me because it's 100% natural, biodegradable + environmentally friendly. So at least if he is going to need one every once in awhile to soothe, it's much better than the mass-produced!

2. SwaddleMe Pods

We have the  s q u i r m i e s t  baby that has ever lived. He is so strong he is constantly breaking free of receiving blankets and swaddles. These SwaddleMe Pods are perfect because they just zip right up and he can't break free. They're also perfectly light for the warm summer nights we had when we first brought him home. These are seriously a sleeping pill. We put them on him + he was out! I'm so sad he's too long for them now!

3. Mommy Facebook Groups

So as a new mom, I have questions. A lot of questions. And to be honest, I don't know if some of them are dumb or not, because I've never done this whole parenting thing before! That's why I have been so grateful for the connections I've made with other mamas. I joined a couple Facebook groups when Rocky was born and whenever I had a question, no matter how small, I could have access to a large group of mamas who were willing to share their experience and advice. My favorite group is the Tubby Todd Mamas group that was created by the founder to be an open space for mamas without fear of discrimination or judgement, which this new mama totally needed!

4. Windi the GasPasser

Hear me out on this. Our baby gets some crazy gas and when it gets trapped high up in his belly, he grunts + strains and is so uncomfortable. Enter, the Windi! This little device has been our little lifesaver for helping him out of those less than comfortable situations. It's also a more natural solution than gripe water or drops. 

5. Breastfeeding Station

If you're breastfeeding + pumping, you're going to be spending a lot of time on the couch. It took me about a month to realize it was so much easier to set up a station than constantly running around looking for things. Here are some of my favorite things to keep in my setup:

6. Ingenuity InLighten Cradling Swing


My babe is not a fan of being put down. He wants mama to hold him all day long, which most of the time I'm happy to oblige. Sometimes though, mama just needs to put him down + get shit done. This swing has been the only thing he has loved and doesn't mind sitting in for longer stretches of time. 

7. Nursing Tanks

If you're nursing, you're going to be spending a lot of time with your boobs out. These nursing tanks are my daily uniform because they are so comfy + have a built in bra, which is a must (especially when you're wearing nursing pads). Buy at least 10. I'm not kidding. I change my shirt at least 3x a day, so if you don't want to be doing laundry everyday, buy in bulk!

So there you have it. Just several things that have helped make this whole parenthood thing just a little bit easier. 

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