10 Must-Haves for the First Month Home with a Newborn

Well, we did it. We successfully survived the first month of being parents! Our tiny human was born on the 4th of July at 6:40pm and has been a firecracker ever since. Seriously, is it possible for an infant to be born with so much personality + spunk? I may be biased, but Rocky is by far the most expressive + entertaining baby I've ever seen.

The first month with a newborn isn't easy. See our 10 must-have products for everything baby, beauty + in between to make that first month home just a little bit easier.

Since we've officially entered the world of parenthood I find myself encountering a lot of empathetic "are you sleeping" and "how are you feeling" type questions from well-meaning women (mothers, mostly, who understand it can be exhausting). I don't know if we are lucky or if my husband is just more amazing that most, but I haven't experienced the same life-altering exhaustion that I thought I was supposed to feel. But, who knows, we are only 6 weeks in, it's possible I'm blinded by love.

Either way, I'm sharing 10 things that made the first month of newborn life a little bit easier

1. Muslin, Muslin, Muslin

We got a ton of receiving blankets from our baby shower, but since our baby was born on the 4th of July, it has been too damn hot to cover or swaddle him in any kind of heavy material. Enter in our new best friend, muslin. We use these for everything: swaddling, car seat covers, tummy time, you name it. We have one in practically every room of the house + the car, just in case. Plus, they're pretty stinkin' adorable. I adore my collection of Little Unicorn swaddles like the one pictured above as well as this great aden + anais set we picked up at Nordstrom. 

2. Lots + lots of Hats

If you're anything like me, taking a blowdryer to your hair in these summer months in torture. Factor in having a newborn to the mix + you aren't necessarily super on top of your hair game. When you do eventually venture outside of your nest, a cute hat is your best friend. It makes it look like you put some form of thought + effort into your appearance when you're really just trying to hide the fact that you probably haven't showered in a couple of days. Forever 21 is my favorite place to stock up on cute, affordable hats!

3. Tubby Todd "Mama" Nursing Salve

I could write a whole separate blog post (or 3) on our adventures in breastfeeding, but I'll save that for another time. But let me just say your "girls" will need some TLC + this salve from my fav mama+ baby natural skincare line, Tubby Todd, is just the ticket. I'm also currently using all of their basics for baby boy + I am in love. You can't go wrong with any of their products, but the nursing salve is particularly life-saving. 

4. Beer!

Hear me out. Yes, I got approval from my OBGYN to enjoy a nice IPA without pumping and dumping, so if you are feeling judgemental, I'd just move on to #5. There has been a lot of research about the benefits of beer for milk production, and after the journey that we had with breastfeeding, I'll try anything I can. If anything else, a nice pint can relax mama after a long day of tending to the child and help stimulate milk letdown. Cheers, mama!

5. Boppy Newborn Lounger


The. best. thing. ever. This lives on our couch in between where I sit and where Steven sits. It's so nice to have a comfy spot for baby boy to lounge on our level where we can easily get to him if he fusses and just interact with him as much as possible. Seriously, you need one of these. 

6. One-handed Snacks

Breastfeeding makes me hungry! And at all hours of the night/early morning you don't really think to grab yourself a snack. So I set up a basket of "breastfeeding supplies" next to our nursing station which has all of my supplements, nursing cream, and lots + lots of snacks! Just make sure it's something you can eat one-handed while feeding baby. I've been a big fan of Belvita breakfast snacks for a little bit of sustainable energy. 

7. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer


Once you have a baby, prepare for the influx of visitors. Personally, I didn't want to, nor did I have the TIME to, put on a bunch of makeup and make myself presentable to our nightly visitors. But here's the thing, and as vain as it may seem, I didn't want to go naked faced when people came over. Especially because I soon learned that pretty much everyone wants to take a picture of you and your new baby and I am just not someone who is comfortable with a makeup-free portrait. This moisturizer was the perfect solution because it evens out the skintone and gives you a soft,natural glow. 

8. Lovies Flaxseed + Hemp Heating Pads

These are amazing, especially in the morning when you are full up + ready to pump. Stick them in the microwave for 30 seconds and it's a little bit of heaven. My doula princess gifted these to me and I will buy them for every new mama from now on.

9. Solly Baby Wrap Carrier

Keeping your newborn close is so important for mama + baby bonding, but you don't want to be chained to the couch 24/7. I love my Solly wrap for skin-to-skin bonding and also the ability to have my hands free! I do the dishes, take calls with clients, pretty much anything I need to get done I now do so with baby in tow. 

10. My Husband

ok, so this one may be a little sappy, but there's no way this first month would have been as smooth as it was without my hubs. He is so helpful and excited about our baby, I don't know what I would do without him!

We still have no idea what we are doing, but these are just a few of the things that made our venture into parenthood a little bit easier!

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