Grilled Caprese Chicken w/ Pizza Port Pick Six Pilsner

We're back with our second collaboration! Today was a refreshing 95 degrees at our house, so I am refusing to cook inside the house and add to the heat. I've become quite the grill master, so I decided to take my grilled chicken up a notch with some Italian flavors.

Grilled caprese chicken pairs perfectly with Pizza Port's Pilsner. This summer dinner + beer pairing is quick, cheap + perfect for sharing!

| The Bites |

Grilled Caprese Chicken w/ Balsamic 

What you'll need:

Boneless, skinless chicken thighs
Tomatoes, sliced
Fresh basil leaves
Olive oil
Fresh mozzarella, sliced

I used black krim tomatoes instead of regular, everyday tomatoes. 
They have a great flavor and taste so fresh!

I prepped my chicken with salt, pepper, garlic powder and basil olive oil.
Grill chicken about 7-9 minutes each side. 

When your chicken is almost done, add the mozzarella. 
If you're lucky and you have a cheese melting dome, throw it on there.
We have one and it's pretty much the best thing ever,
you can get it from Crate and Barrel!

Nice and gooey!

Top with basil leaves and sliced tomatoes.
Drizzle with balsamic and serve with tasty beer!

| The Beer |

It was only a matter of time before this happened, so I might as well come out and say it here in my second post; I love Pilsners.  Especially Czech style Pilsners.  The simple recipe calls for the highest quality ingredients and the most care in brewing.  So for Mrs. Petunia's Caprese chicken I paired Pizza Port Pick Six Pilsner.  

With a mildly sweet, light body and wonderful floral hop character, it happily complements the basil and garlic flavors in the chicken.

Key points:

  • Czech-style Pilsner
  • 5.2% ABV
  • Light body, mildly sweet, floral hops.




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