10 Flower Crowns for Every Occasion

Truthfully, I know this is a silly blog post for me. But those who know me well know that even though I might be an ass-kicking, Beyoncé CFO by day, I'm still the world's biggest flower crown enthusiast. In fact, I kind of consider myself an expert, but that's because I'm delusional and just think about flower crowns all day. 

So I've compiled a list of my favorite types of flowers crowns, to hopefully inspire your inner forest nymph and bring a little beauty to you day!

This flower crown sits on top of a gorgeous tucked back up do and is whimsical without being overwhelming. 

A simple crown of blush roses and baby's breath. The smaller flowers tend to work well for us girls with bangs.

Adding feathers and berries to a delicate crown can give it a little extra flair

A simple herbaceous crown of lavender and rosemary. 

The winter greenery and berries on this crown show that flower crowns aren't just for spring and summer.

I love flower crowns with large statement flowers. If your face can handle it, flaunt 'em.

I love the almost "spikey" effect the wispy pink flowers give this one. 

Ranunculus, gorgeous greenery and pastel hair is pretty much my dream combination.
It breaks my heart I'll never be able to get my hair this color. 

Sticking with one type of flower for the whole crown can create a simple, 
beautiful look, as seen here with these beautiful peach snap dragons. 

And lastly, the wedding flower crown. A flower crown paired with a veil is the most dreamy combination, I can't wait to have my own here in a couple months!

If you're looking for fresh flower crowns, here are a few of my favorites:

And for my fake fake flower crowns that will never die on me, I love my gal Katy's shop, Wit and Bloom


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