Little Petunia DIY | Refurbished Dining Room Table

Alright, so I think it's pretty clear by now that I am spray paint-happy. I want to spray paint anything and everything, and usually in pastels. Since Steven and I moved in together we've had a lot of his grandparents' furniture in our house (since it was their house). That included a very large, very heavy, wooden dining room table. It was beautiful, but it was way too big for our little space, especially when it's just the two of us.

When I moved in I brought my little wrought iron dining room table and we have been using it as a patio table outside. So once we decided to give away the big table in place of a smaller one, I thought it would be easier to refurbish the patio table.

Well, that meant covering up a lot of sun damage and cleaning off a lot of bird poop. This DIY project isn't rocket science, I really just wanted to show off how cute it turned out!



For the paint I used Krylon satin finish in "Celery". Get two cans. Trust me, you need two cans. I did most of the spray painting on Saturday and let it dry completely before putting it together today (Monday)

After I brought it inside I added some denim seat cushions (Bed Bath and Beyond) and the cutest little teepee placemats (Crate and Barrel)

And there you have it! It's such a better fit for our little space and the overall decor of our home. The really big projects come after the wedding (like taking down those hideous 50 year old blinds), but these small improvements are definitely helpful in tiding me over until April.


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