4 Awesome Ways to Help a Rescue Dog

Did you know October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog month? If you've been following along with Little Petunia in an Onion Patch since the beginning you will remember when we got our sweet rescue pup, Lucy. She was found roaming the streets of Mexico with her sister when they were babies because their mom had been hit by a car. My mom actually adopted Lucy and her sister, Maybelle, but Steven and I ended up taking Lucy when it turned out she was a dominant female and didn't quite get along with the other girl dogs in the house.

There are so many great organizations out there that are doing wonderful things for rescue dogs, so I thought I'd share my favorites! Even if you don't have the space or capacity to adopt a shelter dog, there are still lots of ways to help the sweet hounds out. 

1. BarkBox

Our dogs love their Barkbox! It's a monthly subscription that comes with toys, treats and other doggie goodies. The best part is 10% of each box goes to help doggies in need. So you're doing good while also spoiling your pups! 

Check out BarkBox's website!

2. Hunks and Hounds Calendar

Come on, this is a little bit genius, right? Hot guys holding cute rescue dogs? This calendar was created by Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue in Ohio. All the dogs are from their animal shelter and every dollar goes towards the animal rescue. And at $20, how can you resist?

Purchase the calendar HERE

3. Found My Animal 

Found My Animal is an awesome company based in Brooklyn that sells gorgeous nautical-inspired leashes and collars. Their products promote animal adoption in their design and in their sales. All the products come with a hand-stamped "Found" tag that has been numbered and allows them to keep track of how many animals have been helped so far. They also donate part of their proceeds to animal rescue organizations all across the country. 

4. Baja Dog Rescue

Baja Dog rescue is definitely my favorite rescue. They are based in San Ysidro and are really laser-focused on helping dogs and not messing around with a lot of the other drama that you get with "bigger" animal shelters that are trying to make a profit. Baja Dog takes on so many helpless puppies, abandoned dogs, older dogs and dogs with serious injuries or medical conditions. If you are unable to adopt a dog, the next best thing is to donate supplies. 

Baja Dog rescue has created an Amazon Wishlist for everything they need for their shelter. Every little bit helps!

Lucy says "Thanks" in advance!


+ Lucy

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