Dirtiest + Cleanest Fruits and Veggies

Dirty Dozen + Clean Fifteen

I made this chart for my own reference, so I figured I might as well post it. I grabbed this from the Environmental Working Group's annual "Shopper's Guide to Produce" and some of the highlights were pretty surprising:

  • Every sample of nectarines and 99% of apples tested positive for pesticide residue
  • 1 single grape had 15 pesticide samples and cherry tomatoes and strawberries had 13 different pesticides apiece
  • Avocados are the cleanest, with only 1% testing positive for pesticide residue

So save this chart to your phone or print it out and make sure you take it with you to the grocery store next time! Organic produce isn't always cheap, so make sure you are at least getting the "dirty dozen" from the organics section

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