We're Getting Married!

It's officially official. 

Steven Welker and I are going to spend forever and ever together. I think I definitely got the better end of this deal.

My handsome cowboy took me to the Carlsbad Flower Fields. It was definitely overcrowded...just completely PACKED with tourists. There were so, so many fanny packs.

But we finally found a little spot all to ourselves. This is my new favorite picture because right after we took it, Steven surprised me with my dream ring and by getting down on one knee!

For those of you that have asked, Steven had my ring custom made. It's rose gold with diamonds around the band and the main stone, which is a beautiful pink diamond. Seriously, it is the quintessential "Samantha" ring. I'm constantly distracted by how sparkly it is. 

We are so, so happy and so grateful for all the love and well wishes we have received from our friends and family over these last few days. 

Here's to Taco Tuesdays for the rest of our lives!

   + Steven

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