Out of Bed, Daisy Head: My Quest to Become a Morning Person

I love sleeping, I love it a lot. And I'm really good at it. I'm not even joking, going to sleep is my favorite part of my day. But I hate waking up early, and I've noticed lately that I've been hitting my snooze button later and later. And if there's anything I hate more than waking up early, it's feeling rushed. I am in a constant battle with myself because I love my sleep, but I also love a long, leisurely morning. 

Ideally, I want to wake up at 6:30am every day, take Lucy out for a 30 minute walk, come back home, shower, make a nice breakfast, and get ready at my leisure. But lately it has been wake up at 7:30, throw an egg in the pan, shove a handful of blueberries down my throat, wash my bangs in the sink (who has time to wash and blow dry their hair in the morning?) and get my butt out the door. 

(Identical me, just replace the cat with a beautiful yellow lab)

So I'm starting an experiment, and if you'd like, feel free to join me. I thought of every possible excuse I've been coming up with to not wake up early and I am preemptively combatting them. Here are a few examples of my prissy excuses, and how I am going to fight them:


It's so COOOOLDDDD at 6:30 in the morning, how can I be expected to get up and walk Lucy?


Buy some warm jackets, you dummy. I even bought Lucy and I matching warm jackets so there'd be a little excitement in getting ready to go out in the morning. She gets cold too, I swear.


I hate to shower and do my hair in the morning anyways since it's so cold, so I'll just sleep in and throw up a ponytail


Wash my hair at night, bought a crapton of Bumble & Bumble products that keep my hair shiny and pretty overnight - now all I have to do in the morning is brush and go. 

See, I wasn't kidding when I said my excuses were pathetic, but those aren't even the worst, I'm too embarrassed by the things my brain comes up with sometimes. It also doesn't help that we bought brand new GORGEOUS sheets and a super cozy duvet from Anthropologie, thus making my bed the snuggliest place to be. But I digress. 

People who wake up early in the morning tend to be more optimistic and less stressed, and let's face it, I am generally neither of those things. After some heavy duty research, here are the tips I will be implementing over the next 66 days. 

Set your alarm:

  • Make the alarm clock loud. Who wants to lay there asleep with an alarm clock blaring so that it sounds like a fire engine?
  • Keep the alarm clock far enough away that you have to get out of bed to shut it off. The effort of having to rise from bed to shut it off will be enough to start waking you up properly

Help Yourself Wake Up

  • Stop rationalizing and start doing. Force yourself to leave the room – go to the bathroom, drink a glass of water, open the curtains, or anything that will overcome your inner chat about returning to bed.
  • Splash your face with water as soon as you get out of bed.
  • Stretch. Stretching can help awaken you gently.
  • Have a cup of tea or coffee to awaken your senses. Some people swear by slightly warmed water with freshly squeezed lemon juice as a refreshing tonic.
  • Exercise. Exercise will help to wake you up, and exercise undertaken first thing in the morning is more effective at charging up your metabolism than exercise undertaken at any other time of the day.

Let in the Light

  • Research shows a little light may be all we need to reset the body block. A simple solution is to keep the blinds open during the night. Or greet the day and brush your teeth outside!

Eat a good Breakfast

  • Make a breakfast that you're excited to eat. My new favorite is one egg, a piece of avocado toast and a bowl of blueberries. I haven't gotten sick of it yet, but once I do I'll be sure to change it up again. 

Just freaking do it. 

  • Sometimes I have to give myself that honest push. Waking up at 6:00am is not the end of the world, and that extra hour or two can change the course of your whole day. Get a head start on the day - make some breakfast, enjoy a sunrise walk with your hound and get going. 

So day 1 of 66 starts on Monday, no excuses, no whining!

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