Pretty Weekend

First, Steven brought me flowers and 6 bottles of wine as a feeble attempt to make me not hate him for getting a flat top. It almost worked.

Then I spent the day with my darling friend Katie who is off to New Zealand. She has always been my friend with the travel bug, but I will still miss her sparkly flower love. We spent the day shopping (she put up with me puttering around Anthropologie for over an hour) and then made our way to Sprinkles Cupcakes

Where of course I picked up yummy treats to take home as well as got some for Lucy-dog.

Because doggies love cupcakes too!

Boy oh boy did she want it

Like, really bad. And she got it :)

We splurged on chocolate marshmallow, smores, black and white & peanut butter and chocolate

Then Sunday our work family took a trip up to Temecula for "Sweet Lumpy's" BBQ. It's really a rare gift to enjoy the people you work with so much.

And then to cap it all off I got to go to the craft Root Beer store in Old Town Temecula, which made me really really emotional. I just really love craft root beer. 

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