Crazy for Coconut Oil

Because who isn't, right?

I know the coconut oil trend is not new to anyone, but I'm obsessed with it. My brand of choice is the virgin, unrefined coconut oil from Sprouts.

Coconuts actually make my throat really itchy and burn, so I don't actually cook with it. Instead, I use it as a all natural, organic beauty product. 

It's important to remember to use only virgin, unrefined coconut oil. The "cold-pressed" coconut oil retains all of its beneficial natural properties as it is not heated beyond a certain temperature, nor are any additives mixed in.

Virgin coconut oil is also non-comedogenic, so it will not clog your pores as refined coconut oil does. It also has a great amount of Vitamin E, which we all know works wonders for skin and hair.

I'm constantly guilty of falling asleep in my makeup during the weekends, and it wreaks havoc on my skin. Sunday nights are my night for replenishing and coconut oil plays a huge part in that. Coconut oil helps rejuvenate skin cells, which in turn can lighten blemishes and even help fade scars.

But my absolute favorite use of coconut oil is for my hair. It is a miracle for moisturizing even the most damaged and processed hair as well as prevents breakage. Every other week I take a good scoop out of the jar and coat from about my ears to the ends of my hair (I don't do the scalp as it will definitely give you that lovely greaser look, which is not my forte).

 After I've lathered it up I throw my hair up in a top knot and let it penetrate for about 3-4 hours. Just make sure you wash your hair extremely well afterwards to insure no coconut oil gets left behind. 

The next day your hair will be so soft you'll wonder how you ever lived without coconut oil!
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